Michal Kaut - 25 years of photography

Part 1 - 1984-1999

I had realized that it has been 25 since I have taken my first picture, so I decided to celebrate this with a small retrospective. This meant scanning all the old negatives and - no surprise here - turned out to be much more work than expected. As a result, I can only present the first part, covering years 1984 - 1999, i.e. right up to my moving to Norway. It also corresponds to the "pre-SLR period", if one looks away from one trip I did with my father's Practica.

I would like to point out that while the pictures are up to 25 years old (and some really show their age), all the editing (cropping, curve adjustment and sometime conversion to black-and-white) was done now, so it says just as much about my current "taste" as it does about my photographing abilities all those years ago.

Smena  |  Total images: 73
Pictures with my first camera - Smena 8M - from 1984 - 1992. All these pictures are taken on a black-and-white film, which we at that time developed home in the bathroom.
Practica  |  Total images: 20
Pictures taken with my father's Practica on a trip to Italian Alps. Pictures were taken on reversal film (slides), in summer 1991 or 1992.
Braun  |  Total images: 97
Pictures done with my Braun compact film camera in the period 1992 - 1999.

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